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The course starts January 2024

Professional Certification Online Program

Enneagram of Personality

Level 1 of the "Awaken Through Enneagram" program by Dr. Khaled ElSherbini

The study of a deep psycho-spiritual tool that describes the unconscious motivations of people.

The program is accredited by the International Enneagram Association (IEA), USA.

Important Information

"Enneagram of Personality" is the first level (Diploma) of the  Awaken Through Enneagram program developed by Dr Khaled ElSherbini, which consists of three Levels (Diplomas):

- Enneagram of Personality

- Enneagram of Psychology

- Enneagram of Transformation

Starting Date: January 6th, 2024

Duration of the course: the course will last for 13 live sessions, led by Dr Khaled ElSherbini, and will include support and practice sessions with the course assistants.

Time: Saturdays @ 6 - 8 pm Cairo Time

To contact us directly: 

[email protected] 

or WhatsApp/call +20 103 244 5366 

Program Instructor

Senior Instructor

Dr. Khaled ElSherbini

Meet Dr Khaled ElSherbini, a renowned trainer and author of the "AWAKEN THROUGH ENNEAGRAM" program. He is also the founder and chairman of "Enneagram Egypt," the largest IEA-accredited Enneagram school in North Africa and the Middle East. Apart from that, Dr ElSherbini also founded The Consciousness Academy, an institution that focuses on human development and spiritual transformation. With his IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional status, he established three IEA Accredited Training programs provided by Enneagram Egypt. Additionally, he is a Spiral Dynamics Integral accredited professional by the SDi founder Don Beck through ValueMatch. Dr ElSherbini has over 1000 hours of coaching practice and is a PCC ICF accredited coach. He is one of the most experienced Enneagram trainers in the Middle East, having started teaching Enneagram in 2016. He has conducted over 60 Enneagram Practitioner Certification Courses, workshops, and stand-alone training sessions, helping thousands of individuals to apply this knowledge to their self-development, coaching, and business goals. Thanks to Dr Khaled's work, many Enneagram trainers spread across the globe received their knowledge from him. To learn more about Dr Khaled ElSherbini, please visit

The Consciousness Academy has been educating students since 2015 from all over the world. Our school has one of the most profound and deep programs about the Enneagram and the Integral Enneagram worldwide. For all these years, the graduates of our school have been successfully applying the acquired knowledge in different areas of their work and relations.

Thanks to the Internet these days, international students might join online classes worldwide and receive education in Arabic and English.

About the Program

Awaken Through Enneagram program consists of three Levels (Diplomas):

1. Enneagram of Personality

2. Enneagram of Psychology 

3. Enneagram of Transformation

The "Awaken Through Enneagram" program is a complete psycho-spiritual journey of awakening and transformation through the Enneagram, with a complete set of psychological, spiritual, and transformational tools. Hundreds of people have gone through the complete program to date, discovering new depths within themselves, transforming their lives and relationships, and becoming beacons of consciousness and light for those around them.

Through these three levels, the AWAKEN THROUGH ENNEAGRAM program provides a comprehensive journey of self-discovery, personal development, and spiritual evolution using the powerful tool of the Enneagram.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Live Sessions Recordings

    • Session 0

    • Session 1

    • Session 2

    • Session 3

    • Session 4

    • Session 5

    • Session 6

    • Session 7

    • Session 8

    • Session 9

    • Session 10

    • Session 11

    • Session 12

  • 3

    Session 1: Feelings and Emotions

    • Primary Feelings and Emotions

    • Exercise #1: Accessing your feelings

    • Understanding our Feelings

    • Exercise #2: Observing my Feelings

    • Session 1 slides

    • References

  • 4

    Session 2: The Intelligence Centers

  • 5

    Session 3: The Gut Types

  • 6

    Session 4: The Heart Types

    • Introduction to Heart Types

    • Type 2

    • Type 2 Resources

    • Type 4

    • Type 4 Resources

    • Type 3

    • Type 3 Resources

    • Exercise #4: Heart Center Reflection

    • Session 4 slides

  • 7

    Session 5: The Head Types

    • Introduction to the Head types

    • Type 5

    • Type 5 Resources

    • Type 7

    • Type 7 Resources

    • Type 6

    • Type 6 Resources

    • Our Greatest Gifts

    • Exercise: Head Center Reflection

    • Session 5 slides

  • 8

    Session 6: Origins and Symbol

    • Revision

    • Ancient Origins

    • Contemporary Origins

    • The Symbol

    • Fantasia 2000: life death and renewal

    • Exercise: Law of 3

    • Exercise: Resolving issues using the laws of 3 and 7

    • References

    • Session 6 slides

  • 9

    Session 7: Tritypes and Wings

    • Tritypes

    • Archetypes

    • Wings

    • References

    • Exercise part (a): finding your tritype

    • Exercise part (b): understanding your archetype

    • Session 7 slides

  • 10

    Session 8: Resources for Growth

    • The 18 Wings

    • Dynamic Movement

    • Resources for Growth

    • Exercise: Wings

    • Exercise: Dynamic Movement

    • Exercise: Resources for Growth

    • Knowing the Difference

    • Session 8 slides

  • 11

    Session 9: Introducing the Instincts

    • Review

    • Instincts part 1

    • Instincts part 2

    • Exercise: Instincts in conflicts

    • Exercise: Instincts in your daily life

    • Sp Instinct

    • Exercise: Sp Instinct

    • Sx Instinct

    • Exercise: Sx Instinct

    • So Instinct

    • Exercise: So Instinct

    • Working with the Instincts

    • Exercise: Working on the Blind Instinct

    • Session 9 slides

  • 12

    Session 10: Subtypes - Head Types

    • Instinctual map

    • Type 5 subtypes

    • Panel - Type 5

    • Type 6 subtypes

    • Panel - Type 6

    • Type 7 subtypes

    • Panel - Type 7

    • Session 10 slides

  • 13

    Session 11: Subtypes - Gut Types

    • Type 8 subtypes

    • Panel - Type 8

    • Type 9 subtypes

    • Panel - Type 9

    • Type 1 subtypes

    • Panel - Type 1

    • Session 11 slides

  • 14

    Session 12: Subtypes - Heart Types

    • Type 2 subtypes

    • Panel - Type 2

    • Type 3 subtypes

    • Panel - Type 3

    • Type 4 subtypes

    • Panel - Type 4

    • Closing notes

    • Session 12 slides

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a modern typology of personality that describes the deep motivation of a person. It answers more than just the question, “How do we behave differently?” – but also the question, “Why do we behave the way we do?”. It is also a psycho-spiritual tool for self-awareness and self-development.

Distinguishing Features of the Program

Educational - Deep integrative approach

Explore the profound synthesis crafted by Dr. Khaled ElSherbini, a culmination of several years of dedication. This unique theory seamlessly merges Western Enneagram psychology with the ancient wisdom of Sufi traditions from the East, fostering deep insights and holistic growth.

A personalized approach to training 

Embark on a personalized learning journey with us. Our weekly live educational sessions are complemented by intimate practice sessions in small, personalized groups. These sessions are designed for integrative exercises and sharing, enhancing your educational experience. 

Expansive theoretical material

Explore an extensive reservoir of theoretical knowledge, where our program harmoniously integrates the rich material of modern Psychology, Integral Theory, and Transpersonal Psychology, providing you with a comprehensive educational experience.

Transformational experience

Embark on a profound journey of personal transformation with our program. Both the theoretical and practical components are meticulously crafted to catalyze a powerful transformational experience, fostering deep self-awareness and personal growth.


Upon completing this internationally recognized program, students attain the title of Certified Enneagram Practitioner and accumulate the requisite learning points for IEA accreditation.

Awaken Through Enneagram - Level 1 

Enneagram of Personality diploma

learning process

This level consists of 13 live online sessions led by Dr. Khaled ElSherbini and by 12 theoretical sessions accessible on the Learning Portal. Additionally, there are online support sessions conducted in small groups with program assistants, facilitating Q&A sessions, exercises, and sharing opportunities.

The course's theoretical content is available on the Learning Portal, offering the flexibility to learn at your own pace. We provide you with comprehensive tools, cutting-edge techniques, and valuable feedback.

All course materials and exercises are stored in your personal account on the Learning Portal, allowing you full control over your learning journey, including deadlines. The Learning Portal houses all theoretical materials and supplementary resources. Dr. Khaled ElSherbini's live online sessions are recorded and made accessible on the Portal within 24 hours.

A significant portion of the learning process involves practical exercises and sharing, translating the acquired knowledge into tangible psychological awareness and results.

Sessions 1 - 2: 

Understanding Emotions, Enneagram Fundamentals, and the Three Centers of Intelligence.

During these initial sessions, you will gain insights into the Enneagram's remarkable effectiveness in various domains such as coaching, personal growth, interpersonal dynamics, and professional contexts.

Delve into the historical underpinnings and the structural framework of the Enneagram as a profound psychological model.

Explore the intricacies of the three centers of intelligence within the Enneagram system.

Identify the workings of these three centers in your own life, discern which one predominates in your experience, and grasp the profound impact it has on your personal journey.

Sessions 3 - 5:

Exploring the 9 Enneagram Personality Types and Their Core Motivations

In these sessions, we will delve deeply into the complexities of the 9 Enneagram personality types.

You will gain insight into the profound unconscious motivations driving each of these types, uncovering their fundamental life strategies and underlying beliefs.

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of how the motivations of each type influence their personal relationships, career choices, professional endeavors, and decision-making processes.

Discover how to identify the Enneagram type of significant individuals in your life and gain an understanding of how it impacts your interactions with them.

Acquire valuable skills in fostering positive relationships with individuals of each of the 9 Enneagram types.

Session 6:

Participants will gain insight into the historical origins of the Enneagram symbol and its enigmatic significance by examining it through the integrated perspectives of Western psychology and Eastern Sufi traditions.

Session 7 - 8:

Exploring Resources for Personal Growth and Understanding Wings on the Enneagram.

Identify the growth resources associated with your Enneagram type and discover strategies for accessing them. This session will also delve into the factors that may hinder your path to increased happiness and inner harmony.

Sessions 9 - 12:

Introducing the Instincts and understanding how the instinctual drives affect the perceiving life values and priorities. The Demonstration Panels per Type help students dive into the inner world of a representative of every Enneagram Type by seeing personality traits presented by people themselves. 

The "Awaken through Enneagram" program is accredited by the International Enneagram Association (USA), and as a result of successful completion of the full course, participants receive a Certificate of Enneagram Practitioner with 180 accredited points for International Accreditation.

IEA Accreditation serves as a mark of excellence for teachers and professionals, training programs, and schools so that those within and outside of the international Enneagram community can have a way of knowing that specific teachers and professionals, training programs, and schools have achieved a certain standard of quality in their Enneagram work and have formally agreed to adhere to the IEA Ethical Guidelines. At the moment, it is the only International Association that provides accreditation for Enneagram Professionals, programs, and schools in the world.

The Consciousness Academy / Enneagram Egypt Enneagram Practitioner certificate confirms the successful mastery of the knowledge and practical skills of the course and gives the right to apply them for their development, as well as participate in advanced Enneagram training courses.

What you learn during the program

  A greater understanding of people’s behaviors, actions, and feelings

The Enneagram is a psychological tool that teaches us the nine deep psychological motivations that people are unconsciously driven by. Knowing these drives opens doors to understanding people’s personalities and the motives people are acting from.

Greater self-acceptance

The effect of self-discovery is one of the most exciting and captivating journeys you will meet in this program. Understanding our inner disturbances and limitations, gifts and the way out of stuckness, as well as self-love and self-acceptance — the Enneagram course opens the door to this knowledge.

Emotional Intelligence development

Your Emotional Intelligence skills will take a major leap during this course. Mainly because the course encourages intense self-observation and self-reflection. You are guaranteed to begin to realize something about yourself that you were not aware of before. You will find explanations for habits and reactions that may have puzzled you before. And if you want to go deeper, you will work within the framework of the course with important, emotionally charged topics.

Improving relationships with people around you and your close ones

The vast majority of people who are familiar with the Enneagram note a lasting improvement and healing of relationships with loved ones. Knowing the Enneagram, it is easier for us to understand the dearest people.

Increasing productivity in a team/at work

One of the most crucial aspects of successful work is a relationship - with a manager, a client, a subordinate, or a project partner. By becoming more aware of ourselves and our contribution to communication and understanding why other people behave the way they do and what can be expected of them, we are able to improve our working relationships or team bonds. A healthy team = a thriving business. 

Restoring contact with internal resources

Our psychological resources might be accessed after this course with much greater ease. Self-confidence, the ability to defend boundaries, creativity, a sense of inner guidance, and love - there are many resources, as well as practices, that allow you to connect with them. The peculiarity of the Enneagram is in its spiritual, transpersonal dimension. At the end of the course, participants explore their inner recourses and get a personalized Mindfulness program with powerful transformational techniques to do on their own.

Professional skills development (as a coach, psychologist, psychotherapist, Manager, or HR)

The Enneagram is a detailed, logical, and intuitive map that provides an accurate view based on a modern psychological paradigm. The Enneagram offers a direct fast way of understanding the client much better: his picture of the world, emotional states, beliefs, internal conflicts, and needs.

Who is this course for?

  • For everyone interested in connecting and understanding other people and looking for answers to the most important questions: Why are people behaving the way they do? What are the motives behind their reactions and strategies? How can I connect to them in a better way?

  • For practicing coaches, psychologists, and trainers, who want to learn a new unique coaching and consulting tool that allows them to understand the client at a new level.

  • For executives and HR professionals, who are interested in unlocking their leadership potential, believe that the team is the company's most important resource, and want to learn to see and understand people in a more productive and efficient way.

  • For teachers and parents who want to build a healthy relationship with your child learn to show and give trust, true intimacy, emotional support, and feedback.

What students say about this course

Lyndsey Fraser

Marriage and Family Therapist

Fascinating, solidifying the knowledge I know, providing some new preservatives, and expanding on my own self-awareness. I really enjoy the format of videos, zoom meetings with the teacher, and support groups. I like information, explanation of the information, and history. One of the best Enneagram courses I have taken. My takeout from the course is an expansion of knowledge and even deeper self-awareness. Everyone from a begging student to someone more seasoned in the Enneagram can benefit from the course. It's easy enough for a beginner to grasp but also has enough depth to learn more for people who have been using it for a while, like me, who has been for the past eight years. You provided ideas and concepts in a way I hadn't seen before that really made a lot of sense and solidified the knowledge I did know. I feel like I will be a better practitioner of the Enneagram in my psychotherapy practice, through presentations I give, and workshops I provide. Thank you so much for this experience!

Rani Sherin Idris

Enneagram & Integral Enneagram Practitioner

I highly recommend this school and its programs for those who would like to understand themselves better, others, relationships, diversity, spirituality, and authentic living.. I will complete the Awaken through Enneagram and the Integral Enneagram programs this December. I have resolved years of anger and my relationship with my mother - saw significant improvements! The programs are rigorous, experiential, interactive, with much support, and a sense of community and are definitely eye/heart/mind/body opening and transformational. If you are looking, here is a great opportunity!

Mohammed Mustafa

Certified Enneagram practitioner, HR Manager

My life after my Journey is way different and more evolved and enlightened than my life before it.❤️ The Program is comprehensive, cohesive, scientific, and psycho-spiritual - opens various consciousness perspectives and dimensions in students' minds and hearts.❤️ I really appreciate what Enneagram Egypt and Dr. Khaled ElSherbini have contributed to me in my journey towards Serenity, Surrendering, Essence, Consciousness, and eventually God. ❤️

Finally! I am an Enneagram practitioner. The best thing that happened to me in the past 2 years! “Awaken through Enneagram” was a life-changing journey that has been going on for a year and a half, in addition to “Levels of Consciousness,” that was even deeper & exquisite. Not only this, but I was lucky enough to get to know the most amazing people who have become a big family so dear to my heart! Can’t thank you enough!

Hoda Mahgoub

Accredited Enneagram Professional, teacher, mentor

A LIFE CHANGING experience… Dr. Khaled ElSherbini, Grateful BEYOND words for everything I’ve received from you ❤️ And am grateful for EACH and EVERY fellow colleague in the journey for the support and th4 unconditional love I’ve received from you ALL…Love you ALL very much❤️❤️❤️

Rana Abdel Basset

Certified Enneagram practitioner

I’ve truly awakened through enneagram. I began my journey during a very dark and troubled time of my life. Thanks to Dr. Khaled, the future seems bright again. I’ve benefitted so much from this program. It literally changed my life. I’ve transformed into a new human being with a totally different outlook on life.

Reham Nabil Sami

Mechanical Engineer (Managing Director)

دكتور خالد كمُعلم أكثر من رائع على جميع المستويات … على المستوى العلمي و الشرح و الاستفاضة و الترابط بين مختلف نواحي المحتوى و الحياة و العالم … على المستوى الشخصي في التعامل مع الطلبة و الاستماع إليهم و الى مشاركاتهم و أسئلتهم بمنتهى التعاطف و الاهتمام و التركيز حتى يستطيع إعطائهم النصيحة المناسبة و مساعدتهم في رحلة التقدم و الوعي الخاصة بهم …

Hanan Zain El Din

Accredited Enneagram Professional, teacher, coach

استاذي العزيز د. خالد الشربيني تعلمت منك الكثير ومازلت، ربنا يبارك في علمك ويعزك. تعلمت سعة الصدر وحسن الاستماع ، الدقة في مصدر العلم وذكر المصدر لتعم البركة . احترام المتلقي للعلم وتنوير مناطق القوة ليكتسب الثقة. فتح المجال والطريق لنشر العلم . الرد باستفاضة واحترام لكل من يسأل ليتعلم الرد الثاقب الذي ينير القلب و يلمسه بأبسط الكلمات . الالتزام في المواعيد والاستفاضة أكثر من الوقت. الوفاء بالوعد والتواضع والتفاني

Graduating from one Level and the whole Program:

DIPLOMA OF COMPLETION of one LEVEL of the PROGRAM is acquired after its successful completion.

ENNEAGRAM PRACTITIONER certificate is acquired after completing all three Diplomas:

Enneagram of Personality

Enneagram of Psychology

- Enneagram of Transformation

One Diploma provides 60 points toward IEA (International Enneagram Association) professional accreditation.

NOTE: Due to International Enneagram Association regulations, at least one-third of the Program should be attended live.

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The Course starts in January 2024