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The successful completion of any one level (course) provides a graduation Diploma for that level, in addition to IEA (International Enneagram Association) points towards IEA professional accreditation.

Successfully completing the 3 levels in any of the programs provides an IEA accredited practitioner certification for that program. 

Registering for any of the live online programs provides one full year of access to all the recordings, exercises, slides, community pages, and discussion forums.

Pre-recorded Series

Pre-recorded courses to watch at your own pace

These are prerecorded sessions for watching at your own pace. The courses contain the complete content videos from the full live courses, without the discussions and exercise sessions.

These courses do not provide a completion diploma (no IEA points) due to accreditation requirements. A certificate of completion is provided after going through all the content.

Registering for any of the prerecorded courses provides one full year of access to all the recordings, exercises, slides, community pages, and discussion forums.

Enneagram Egypt teachers provide professional training in the school programs in numerous locations around the world. Discover the rich diversity of possibilities with our accredited teachers and 

Consciousness Academy Program Instructors

Senior Instructor

Dr. Khaled ElSherbini

Meet Dr Khaled ElSherbini, a renowned trainer and author of the "AWAKEN THROUGH ENNEAGRAM" program. He is also the founder and chairman of "Enneagram Egypt," the largest IEA-accredited Enneagram school in North Africa and the Middle East. Apart from that, Dr ElSherbini also founded The Consciousness Academy, an institution that focuses on human development and spiritual transformation. With his IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional status, he established three IEA Accredited Training programs provided by Enneagram Egypt. Additionally, he is a Spiral Dynamics Integral accredited professional by the SDi founder Don Beck through ValueMatch. Dr ElSherbini has over 1000 hours of coaching practice and is a PCC ICF accredited coach. He is one of the most experienced Enneagram trainers in the Middle East, having started teaching Enneagram in 2016. He has conducted over 60 Enneagram Practitioner Certification Courses, workshops, and stand-alone training sessions, helping thousands of individuals to apply this knowledge to their self-development, coaching, and business goals. Thanks to Dr Khaled's work, many Enneagram trainers spread across the globe received their knowledge from him. To learn more about Dr Khaled ElSherbini, please visit


Nataliia Bolshakova

Ms. Nataliia Yuriy Bolshakova cofounded Enneagram Egypt, the internationally accredited Enneagram school for psychological and spiritual development and awakening, in 2015. She holds the President of Enneagram Egypt title and works as both a methodologist and a psychologist for the school. In addition, Ms. Bolshakova is the author and the teacher of an IEA accredited psychological Program devoted to raising self-awareness in teenagers – “Enneagram for Teenagers,” and the director of the Enneagram Applications project where graduates of the school apply Enneagram knowledge into different spheres of life, including: - Enneagram for Teenagers and Preteens - Enneagram Egypt School Project (EESP) - Group Coaching with the Enneagram - Architectural Enneagram Initiative - Among others … In early 2019 Ms. Bolshakova and her colleague initiated and launched the Enneagram Egypt School Project, an IEA Accredited Program in 2021. The main goal is to educate and spread awareness among schools teachers, students, and parents. Education: - An M.Sc in Education Studies - An M.Sc in Psychology


Frederik Coene, PhD

Frederik Coene, Ph.D., an accredited IEA Professional, dedicated his research to intimate relationships, love, and the Enneagram. Dr. Frederik is a head of a leading international research group of psychologists and relationship therapists on Sex and the Enneagram. Frederik believes that the current understanding of the Enneagram model's conceptual-theoretical aspects and the typology of motivation-based personalities as its most widespread application represents only a small part of the full potential. Frederik has dedicated his work in Enneagram to both theoretical and applied research to widen the missing knowledge.


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  • Are your courses live or prerecorded?

    All our courses are provided live, and recorded then added here on the portal within 72 hours. When you register for a course, please make sure to check are you registering for the live course, or are you purchasing a pre-recorded course. Pre-recorded courses, with no live sessions, have (prerecorded) or (مسجل) in their title.

  • How long do I have access to the courses?

    All course registrations, whether live or prerecorded, provide one full year of access to the course material to provide ample time to go through the material numerous times. The courses are very dense, and it is advised to watch the videos and go through the exercises numerous times. Each time you will discover deeper meanings and uncover deeper patterns.

  • What if a live course has started, can I still join?

    Yes definitely, you can join at any time. Just register for the course, jump in and watch all the sessions you missed, and then catch up with us on the live sessions.

  • Are your courses delivered in English or in Arabic?

    All courses are delivered in both English and Arabic. The language of the course clearly appears in its title. Make sure which course are you registering for. If you register for the wrong language by mistake then no worries, just contact us via email and we will be happy to correct the registration for you.

  • How many programs does Enneagram Egypt provide?

    Enneagram Egypt provides 3 programs. Each of these programs consists of 3 levels. Navigate the links to the programs at the header of this page for more information about each program.

  • What is a program?

    A program is a complete curriculum of study, consisting of 3 levels, which provides the student with a comprehensive and in-depth experience and knowledge of a certain topic. Completing the 3 levels of a program provides an accredited practitioner degree in that topic.

  • What is a level?

    A level is a study course that is part of a larger program of study. Each program consists of 3 levels. Each level includes numerous Q&A sessions with the main Instructor and/or the assisting facilitators.