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Dates: September 2nd & 3rd, 2024

Time: 10 am - 5 pm

Venue: Oxford Quaker Meeting House, Oxford, UK

To contact us directly: [email protected] or WhatsApp/call +20 103 244 5366

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The Enneagram: A Transpersonal Approach

A two-day Pre-conference Workshop

A profound workshop that melds psychological depth with spiritual transcendence. This course offers a unique blend of transpersonal psychology techniques and Enneagram insights designed to unlock deeper layers of self-awareness and accelerate personal transformation.

This workshop offers participants a deep dive into the Enneagram, providing tools to enhance self-understanding and interpersonal relationships. It addresses the need for personal growth and professional development by revealing underlying motivations and behaviours through a transpersonal lens. Attendees will be equipped to apply these insights in their personal lives, workplaces, and beyond, fostering improved communication, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence.

Program Details

The comprehensive two-day workshop on the Enneagram offers profound insights into personality and spiritual growth, showcasing the transformative power of this ancient wisdom.

  • Introduction to the Enneagram: Historical exploration of the Enneagram’s origins from sacred traditions. Development into a modern framework for understanding personality types.

  • Integration with Transpersonal Psychology: Combining ancient Enneagram wisdom with contemporary transpersonal practices. Creating a comprehensive framework for personal and spiritual growth.

  • Foundation in Personality Types: Detailed study of the nine fundamental Enneagram types. Basis for deeper transpersonal work and understanding.

  • Dynamic Paths of Integration and Disintegration: Exploration of the Enneagram’s pathways showing personality interactions, ego structures, and higher archetypes. Understanding the interplay with divine attributes and true nature.

  • Experiential Learning: Combination of theoretical presentations, hands-on exercises, and reflective practices. Encouraging personal self-exploration and spiritual inquiry.

  • Transpersonal Techniques Employed: Use of guided meditations and somatic practices. Aiming to deepen connections with the inner self and universal wisdom.

  • Practical Applications: Application of the Enneagram in psychological healing and spiritual growth. Insights on awakening consciousness through personal and therapeutic practices.

  • Tools for Personal and Therapeutic Practice: Strategies for implementing Enneagram insights in personal life and professional therapy. Application in community settings for societal transformation.

  • Renewal of Sacred Traditions: Discussing the Enneagram’s role in reviving sacred traditions. Supporting shifts towards greater awareness, compassion, and unity.

Ideal for:

  • Spiritual Seekers, Practitioners & Mental Health Advocates

    Deepen your understanding and promote wellness with a blend of transpersonal psychology and spiritual wisdom.

  • Creative Professionals & Conflict Resolution Specialists

    Use the Enneagram to fuel creativity and resolve conflicts by understanding diverse personalities and motivations.

  • Life Coaches, Wellness Practitioners, & Personal Development Enthusiasts

    Explore a holistic approach to development through spiritual and psychological insights.

  • Psychotherapists, Counselors, & HR Professionals

    Enhance therapeutic and workplace practices with deeper insights into behaviors and team dynamics.

  • Organizational Leaders & Executives

    Foster a harmonious workplace and improve leadership skills through Enneagram insights.

Workshop Instructors

Khaled ElSherbini, Ph.D. & Nataliia Bolshakova, M.Psy.

Senior Instructor

Dr. Khaled ElSherbini

Meet Dr Khaled ElSherbini, a renowned trainer and author of the "AWAKEN THROUGH ENNEAGRAM" program. He is also the founder and chairman of "Enneagram Egypt," the largest IEA-accredited Enneagram school in North Africa and the Middle East. Apart from that, Dr ElSherbini also founded The Consciousness Academy, an institution that focuses on human development and spiritual transformation. With his IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional status, he established three IEA Accredited Training programs provided by Enneagram Egypt. Additionally, he is a Spiral Dynamics Integral accredited professional by the SDi founder Don Beck through ValueMatch. Dr ElSherbini has over 1000 hours of coaching practice and is a PCC ICF accredited coach. He is one of the most experienced Enneagram trainers in the Middle East, having started teaching Enneagram in 2016. He has conducted over 60 Enneagram Practitioner Certification Courses, workshops, and stand-alone training sessions, helping thousands of individuals to apply this knowledge to their self-development, coaching, and business goals. Thanks to Dr Khaled's work, many Enneagram trainers spread across the globe received their knowledge from him. To learn more about Dr Khaled ElSherbini, please visit


Nataliia Bolshakova

Ms. Nataliia Yuriy Bolshakova cofounded Enneagram Egypt, the internationally accredited Enneagram school for psychological and spiritual development and awakening, in 2015. She holds the President of Enneagram Egypt title and works as both a methodologist and a psychologist for the school. In addition, Ms. Bolshakova is the author and the teacher of an IEA accredited psychological Program devoted to raising self-awareness in teenagers – “Enneagram for Teenagers,” and the director of the Enneagram Applications project where graduates of the school apply Enneagram knowledge into different spheres of life, including: - Enneagram for Teenagers and Preteens - Enneagram Egypt School Project (EESP) - Group Coaching with the Enneagram - Architectural Enneagram Initiative - Among others … In early 2019 Ms. Bolshakova and her colleague initiated and launched the Enneagram Egypt School Project, an IEA Accredited Program in 2021. The main goal is to educate and spread awareness among schools teachers, students, and parents. Education: - An M.Sc in Education Studies - An M.Sc in Psychology Khaled ElSherbini presenting at the 
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